Apostille on documents
To put an apostille on the documents, you only need to come to the translation agency "MovaPro". Specialists will take all the hassle associated with stamping. Apostille on documents In…

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Why do we need a customs broker
Any cargo transported in one direction or another across the border, goes through the procedure of customs clearance. This is a series of complex and time-consuming activities that must be…

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Creating websites as a business - how much do small web developers earn
When creating your website, you will definitely encounter certain problems: how to place information on it, so that it is convenient for the reader to perceive it, how to fill…

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Registration of FOP and registration of FLP in a notary office

Anyone who is thinking about private enterprise needs to register with the FLP. After that, you can try yourself in the business world, show your best qualities. Registration does not require much time.

From 2016 in Ukraine, this procedure is performed by notaries. They register entrepreneurs without regard to their place of residence. Therefore, if you are registered in the region, and not in the capital, but you want to move to Kiev and open your company there, this can be done without difficulty.

Stages of the procedure
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How will the increase in the minimum wage affect hosting rates?

The basis for calculating the use of hosting services in Ukraine is a peg to the dollar, that is, tariffs are calculated on the basis of foreign currency.
How will the increase in the minimum wage affect hosting rates?
If you focus on industry leaders, such as, it becomes clear that the pricing policy for providing hosting is not at all related to internal political, social and economic reforms in Ukraine, if the latter do not affect the exchange rate.

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When do you need an advertising courier?

Many advertising tasks are successfully solved with the help of an advertising courier.
When do you need an advertising courier?
It is not at all necessary to risk ordering expensive advertising on billboards and in the media when there is a large selection of affordable and affordable advertising tools that can provide a continuous stream of customers. With the help of courier delivery, the marketer has the opportunity to hold the following events:

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On the safety and security of your business
In the national business rating of private security companies, the leader is considered to be the security agency. Security companies in cities, including Berdyansk, work exclusively to ensure the rest…


Where to find a good programmer for remote work
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How to choose an SSL certificate - features and differences
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What is important to remember when ordering a site?
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