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Graphic examination of handwriting and signature

The graphological examination of handwriting and signature is a sought-after type of examination, the main purpose of which is to identify the author of handwritten text and signature.
Graphic examination of handwriting and signature
The graphological examination of handwriting and signature is a sought-after type of examination, the main purpose of which is to identify the author of handwritten text and signature. Highly qualified specialists work in this area, the main area of ​​knowledge of which is handwriting, incl. judicial handwriting. (Handwriting is a separate chapter of criminology, which studies writing and motor skills). Handwriting examination is appointed in the investigation of criminal cases, civil, administrative and pr.processes. Civil courts more often than others appeal to the specified type of examination. Find out detailed information about the examination of handwriting .

Objects of graphological examination can be various types of documents. But the starting point, as a rule, is always the same – doubts about the authenticity of the signature or handwritten text. Those. A handwriting examination is appointed when there is no certainty that the records or signature belong to the person whose name is indicated.

Among the main tasks of graphological examination are:
Identify the person who made the entries in this document.
Clarification of the fact that one or several persons executed texts in different documents.
Definition of the authenticity (authenticity) of a signature.
Diagnostic issues can also be resolved:
Was the text written or signed in unusual conditions or in the unusual state of a person?
What is the gender and age of the writer?
Was the person’s psychophysiological state at the time of writing the text / signature normal?
Is the handwritten text / signature not made by a person who intentionally imitates a particular person?
Is the text / signature not intentionally changed by handwriting?
Is it possible that the handwritten text / signature is done with a change of hand?
Handwriting Examination
The establishment of authorship of the text is possible due to the uniqueness and sustainability of the writing-motor skills of a person. This type of handwriting examination examines the psychophysiological features of the author of the handwritten text under consideration. Each person has an individual handwriting, which is not like all the others. And every handwriting can tell an important information about a person: character, external circumstances at the time of writing the text (anxiety, anxiety, etc.). The task of the expert-graphologist is to get maximum information that will be useful during the investigation and trial.

Signature Examination
Carried out in order to establish the authenticity of the signature. The expert works with the originals of the documents in question. Copies of the document are not used in the examination of the signature, since it is impossible to determine such facts from them: whether the signature was made using technical means; degree of coordination of movements; force of pressure and the pace of execution of the signature.

The conclusion of the expert graphologist will be an evidence-based way of defense in court or during the preliminary investigation. Expert conclusion will be able to prove the fact of inconsistency of the text / signature, as well as prove your innocence (if you are accused of imitating handwriting).

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If the authenticity and accuracy of the documentation is questionable, then an independent handwriting examination will help strengthen your evidence base.

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